Wildlife Photography Masterclass: Digital Workflow

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There seems to be a lot of confusion among wildlife photographers about the digital workflow - turning images from your camera into perfectly processed tiffs or jpegs. But there needn’t be. It’s not rocket science. You don’t have to spend weeks attending complex workshops to understand and master the basics. And you don’t need to know absolutely everything. That’s the idea behind this simple little e-book. It covers all you need to know - from getting the images onto your computer, through Lightroom and Photoshop (you  do need to use both) - in really easy, straightforward steps. It explains all the technical stuff, such as 'megapixel', 'bit depth' and 'dynamic range', in simple language. And it even tells you how to calibrate your monitor (and why you really should). How can any budding wildlife photographer cope without it?
By the way, we'll simply email you with a link to the e-book when you order. It can be read on anything that can read a pdf, from laptops and iPads to tablets and smartphones.